Pressure Washer Accessories
Interpump and other manufacturers pressure washer components and accessories for use with our Interpump Pressure Washers and Interpump Pumping Units
Chemical Injectors Foam Heads and FiltersChemical Injectors Foam Heads and Filters

 Constant presure injectors, fixed and adjustable chemical injectors, chemical metering valves, foam generators, heads and tanks, inlet and suction filters, chemical nozzles, universal spray guns, quick release foam lance system, foam injection lance kit.

Couplings and SwivelsCouplings and Swivels Twin outlet kits, screw connectors, swivel connectors, high and low pressure couplings, high and low pressure swivels, bayonet couplings. Inlet and Suction FiltersInlet and Suction Filters Inlet and suction filters, Y filters, one way foot filters, high pressure check valves, suction filter hose kits. Nozzle Heads & NozzlesNozzle Heads & Nozzles Nozzles, nozzle heads, pressure regulators, drain cleaning nozzles, sandblast nozzles, spray lance nozzles, quick connect nozzles, fixed nozzles and holders, steam nozzles, adjustable nozzle heads, rotating and turbo nozzles, high pressure  inline filters.
Pulsation DampenersPulsation Dampeners Pulsation dampeners. Sand Blast and Drain CleaningSand Blast and Drain Cleaning Sandblast kits, sandblast nozzles, sandblast probes, drain cleaning kits, drain cleaning nozzles, drain cleaning heads, drain cleaning hoses, venturi sludge extractor heads. Switches and ControllersSwitches and Controllers Pressure switches, speed controllers, throttle controllers. tachometers, Vacuum Switches. Wash Guns Lances and AccessoriesWash Guns Lances and Accessories Extending pressure wash lances, gutter cleaning equipment, wash down guns, turbo wash guns, high pressure trigger guns, trigger guns with extensions, gun and lance assemblies, high pressure lances and extensions, foam injection heads and tanks, quick release foam lance system, high pressure pnematic on off valves.
PA Pressure Wash Brushes and PolesPA Pressure Wash Brushes and Poles PA SP9 and SR8 pressure wash brushes and foam generators. Unloader and Relief ValvesUnloader and Relief Valves Controlsets, safety relief valves, flow sensitve unloader valves, trapped pressure unloader valves, pressure regulating valves, pneumatic unloader and distributor valves, pneumatic pressure regulators, thermal protector valves, easy start valves. Water Tanks and Float ValvesWater Tanks and Float Valves

 4 litre water tanks, suction strainers, float valves, 120 litre wheelbarrow tanks.

Whirl-A-Way Rotary Flat Surface Cleaners and Spare PartsWhirl-A-Way Rotary Flat Surface Cleaners and Spare Parts

A Whirlaway Flat Surface Cleaner makes it quick and easy for the operator to clean walkways, patios, decks, driveways, sidewalks and car parks. Ideal for use with our Interpump Pressure Washers.

High Pressure HosesHigh Pressure Hoses High pressure hoses, high pressure hose kits, high pressure hose reel hose assemblies, high pressure connection hoses and accessories. High Pressure Hose Kits for Pressure WashersHigh Pressure Hose Kits for Pressure WashersHigh Pressure Hose Reels and Hose Reel Kits for Pressure Washers  High Pressure Hose Reel Hose AssembliesHigh Pressure Hose Reel Hose AssembliesHigh pressure hose reel hose assemblies and hose reel connectors. Kanaflex HosesKanaflex Hoses
Kanaflex translucent green suction hose sold by the metre.
Copely Industrial Layflat Hoses for PumpsCopely Industrial Layflat Hoses for Pumps
Copely Industrial Layflat Blue hose sold by the metre.
Hose Clips and SealantsHose Clips and Sealants
Hose Clips and Sealants
Engines for InterpumpsEngines for Interpumps Honda and Loncin petrol engines and Yanmar and Kolher diesel engines for use with Interpump pressure washer pumps. Electric Motors for InterpumpsElectric Motors for Interpumps Electric motors for use with Interpump pressure washer pumps 110v, 240v and 415v. Lovato DOL Motor Starter Kits and Accessories
Oils and Lubricants for Interpump and AccessoriesOils and Lubricants for Interpump and Accessories Interpump ZOIL  pump oil SAE 15W/40, Qualube speciality engine oil SAE 10W/30, Qualube speciality gearbox oil SAE 80W/90 GL4. Qualube Premium Lithium Complex Grease.