Chemical Injectors Foam Heads and FiltersChemical Injectors Foam Heads and Filters

 Constant presure injectors, fixed and adjustable chemical injectors, chemical metering valves, foam generators, heads and tanks, inlet and suction filters, chemical nozzles, universal spray guns, quick release foam lance system, foam injection lance kit.

Couplings and SwivelsCouplings and Swivels Twin outlet kits, screw connectors, swivel connectors, high and low pressure couplings, high and low pressure swivels, bayonet couplings.
Inlet and Suction FiltersInlet and Suction Filters Inlet and suction filters, Y filters, one way foot filters, high pressure check valves, suction filter hose kits.
Switches and ControllersSwitches and Controllers Pressure switches, speed controllers, throttle controllers. tachometers, Vacuum Switches.
Wash Guns Lances and AccessoriesWash Guns Lances and Accessories Extending pressure wash lances, gutter cleaning equipment, wash down guns, turbo wash guns, high pressure trigger guns, trigger guns with extensions, gun and lance assemblies, high pressure lances and extensions, foam injection heads and tanks, quick release foam lance system, high pressure pnematic on off valves.
Water Tanks and Float ValvesWater Tanks and Float Valves

 4 litre water tanks, suction strainers, float valves, 120 litre wheelbarrow tanks.

Nozzle Heads & Nozzles
Interpump Products

Interpump Products

Interpump Nozzle Heads Nozzles and Spare PartsInterpump Nozzle Heads Nozzles and Spare Parts Interpump nozzle heads VARIOJET, MULTIREG, Interpump turbo nozzles ROTOTEK, ROTOCLEAN, ROTOMAX1.5, ROTOMAX401, ROTOMAX403 and spare parts. Interpump M4 NozzlesInterpump M4 Nozzles Interpump M4 high pressure nozzles 1.00mm, 1.25mm, 1.30mm, 1.35mm, 1.40mm, 1.45mm, 1.50mm, 1.55mm, 1.60mm, 1.65mm, 1.70mm, 1.75mm, 1.80mm.  Interpump Drain Cleaning EquipmentInterpump Drain Cleaning Equipment Interpump drain kits, DRAINKIT1, TXDRAINKIT1, drain cleaning head DRAINET. Interpump Sand Blast Equipment and Spare PartsInterpump Sand Blast Equipment and Spare Parts Interpump sandblast heads 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.85, 2.1, 2.3. SANDKIT1, 2, 3. TXSANDKIT1. sandblast nozzles, pipes, poker, probe, nut assembly and body spare parts.
Interpump Variable Pressure RegulatorsInterpump Variable Pressure Regulators Interpump VARIOPRESS.
Other Manufacturers Products

Other Manufacturers Products

Accessories for use with our Interpump Pressure Washers and Pumping Units
Mecline High Pressure Inline FiltersMecline High Pressure Inline FiltersMecline High Pressure Inline Filters. Brass. Braglia Ugello Spray Lance NozzlesBraglia Ugello Spray Lance Nozzles Braglia Ugello Spray Lance Nozzles, brass and aluminium. Ceramic jet. Quick Connect Nozzles Compatible with BE series QRCQuick Connect Nozzles Compatible with BE series QRC

Quick Connect Nozzles 275 Bar, Compatible with BE series QRC.

Chemical  NozzlesChemical Nozzles1/4" low pressure chemical nozzles. Brass.
1/8" Nozzles - 275 Bar1/8" Nozzles - 275 Bar

0° Pencil, 15° Fan, 25° Fan, 40° Fan jet, 275 Bar max pressure, 1/8" male thread, Stainless steel.

1/4" Nozzles - 275 Bar1/4" Nozzles - 275 Bar Mecline 1/4" UASH Ceramic Nozzles - 500 BarMecline 1/4" UASH Ceramic Nozzles - 500 Bar
Mecline 15° fan, 500 bar rated pressure, 150°C max temperature, 1/4" male thread, ceramic nozzle tip, stainless steel body.
BETE NFH 1/4" Tungsten Carbide Nozzles - 500 BarBETE NFH 1/4" Tungsten Carbide Nozzles - 500 BarBETE NFH 1/4"male thread tungsten carbide nozzles, stainless steel body - 500 Bar. NFH1.04, NFH1.09, NFH1.14, NFH1.19, NFH1.24, NFH1.35.
Fixed Nozzle Holders & ProtectorsFixed Nozzle Holders & Protectors Fixed Nozzle Holders & Protectors Steam NozzlesSteam Nozzles Steam nozzle 100 bar pressure, 1/4" BSPF inlet, 130°C, brass. Adjustable Nozzle HeadsAdjustable Nozzle Heads Adjustable pressure heads, pivot couplers, change over nozzle heads. PA and Mecline Rotating and Turbo NozzlesPA and Mecline Rotating and Turbo NozzlesPA Rotating and Turbo Nozzles, UR20, 25, UR32, UR35, UR60. Mecline Rotojet500 Turbo Nozzles.
Mecline Sand Blast EquipmentMecline Sand Blast Equipment Mecline TPS560 sand blaster head, TPS560 sand probe. 500 bar, tungsten carbide sand nozzle. Adjustable sand flow. PA Assorted Drain Cleaning NozzlesPA Assorted Drain Cleaning Nozzles PA drain cleaning nozzles 04, 06. Pressure 250 bar, 1/4" and 3/8" BSPM inlets. PA ST4 Drain Fixed Cleaning NozzlesPA ST4 Drain Fixed Cleaning NozzlesPressure 350 Bar, 1/8", 1/4" & 3/8" Threads, Fixed jet - 03 to 08 sizes, AISI 303 Stainless Steel.
PA RU Fixed Drain Cleaning NozzlesPA RU Fixed Drain Cleaning Nozzles PA RU fixed drain cleaning nozzles, RU20, RU30, RU40, RU60, RU80. Pressure 300 bar, 1/2", 3/4"and 1' threads. Zinc plated tempered steel.
PA STR Rotating Drain Cleaning HeadsPA STR Rotating Drain Cleaning Heads
 Pressures 250 Bar, 1/8", 1/4" and 3/8" Threads, Rotating Jet 03 to 11 sizes, AIS1303 stainless steel body, Bronze aluminium rotating section.
PA RR Rotating Drain Cleaning HeadsPA RR Rotating Drain Cleaning Heads PA RR rotating drain cleaning heads, RR20, RR30, RR40, RR50, RR70. Pressure 300 bar, 1/2", 3/4" and 1" threads. AISI 420B stainless steel. PA Venturi Sludge Extractor HeadPA Venturi Sludge Extractor Head PA Venturi Sludge Extractor Head. 250 bar, turns pressure washer into high volume discharge pump. Venturi Sludge Extractor HeadsVenturi Sludge Extractor Heads Venturi Sludge Extractor Heads. 250 bar, turns pressure washer into high volume discharge pump.